Strategist & Copy Editor  

NSAC 2018 // Placed Fifth in Nation

The Challenge

Develop a national marketing campaign that drives relevancy of the Ocean Spray brand for millennials across both food and beverages. Discover if Ocean Spray’s unique history and cooperative structure may be relevant to millennials.

Consumer Insight

Millennials know that collaborating is how you make your ideas better. They work together in their jobs, they mix flavors in foods, and are always up for ways to elevate their lives. Collaboration is core in connecting with the millennial market.

Brand Insight

Cranberries know who they are. They have a dynamic flavor incorporating sweet, tangy, and tart. While they are delicious alone, they know they are at their best when they add depth to the spectrum of flavors to enhance any dish they meet. They are versatile. Just like millennials, cranberries know they are better when mixed.

Human Truth

The world is a better place when we collaborate.


Ocean Spray cranberries best embody the results millennials value most—elevation through collaborating.

Big Idea

Ocean Spray cranberries are made to mix.


Meant to Mix

Art Directors: Sumner Mahaffey & Luke Bogner

Copywriters: Mikey Nielson & Eli Webb

Account Manager: Erin Gazdik

Strategy: Christina Schwartz, Pablo Perez, & Marinda Cummings

Media Planners: Max Jensen & Jake Lundquist