Brand Management & Marketing Intern

When I arrived in Illinois, I was tasked with the question, “If John Deere was to throw a party, what would it look like?” This “party” was for 60 VIP high-level donors of Birdies for Charity, the organization hosting a charity concert with guest artist Lee Brice. The theme was Parking Lot Party after one of Brice’s hit songs. The end goal was to create a new and authentic experience with the brand.

To determine the execution of this party, I had to look at in-depth at four words that describe the John Deere brand: rugged, wise, good-natured, assured. Each word broke down as follows:

  • Rugged: Trucks and centerpieces featuring tractors and grass

  • Wise: Deere 4R tractor to showcase the technology and innovation with the equipment

  • Good-natured: Tailgates down on the truck with blankets for seating and classic barbecue food (burgers, brats, chips, and drinks)

  • Assured: Corn and soybeans centerpieces to emphasize the consistency of our consumers crops

In addition to my main project, planning the Parking Lot Party, I completed the following projects during my time with the brand management group:

  • Increased Living John Deere brand training completions through creation and execution of global competition for employees. This competition was held in Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and Australia.

  • Assisted Brand Insights & Research Manager to plan and execute survey of John Deere Classic spectators. Received total of 1,160 responses. 

  • Wrote three articles for the John Deere Journal on Deere’s aid with Hurricane Harvey. 

  • Production Assistant for a photo/video shoot for a high end riding lawn mower in Madison, WI.

You don’t have to take my word for it

“I was fortunate enough to hire Marinda to work in my group for the summer of 2018. During this time, she led the activation of the John Deere Classic VIP charity concert party. Her contribution combined with other efforts earned John Deere the PGA Tours Top Sponsor Activation Award for 2018. In addition, Marinda worked with my team to increase employee training globally, a goal we ultimately achieved because of her efforts. Also, she worked on research, vetted highly confidential potential sponsorships for me and analyzed advertising in Thailand.

Marinda easily adapts to a fast paced and ever-changing environment and cultures. Her experience, attitude, maturity and effort uniquely qualify her for what I believe will be a great career in the brand world.”

- Matt Blaylock, Senior Brand Manager, Deere & Co.