Consumer Research Consultant

In preparation for the 2018 product launch, Lime Ricki Swimwear needed to understand their consumers on a deeper level. The three sister founders wanted to better incorporate their consumers needs and desires into their swimwear line. On a team with another consultant, Nicole Moon, we conducted interviews, focus groups, consumer ethnographies, and a survey to provide suggestions the company could implement to better fulfill the needs of their target market.

Results of the research are under NDA. Images below show changes the company made to products and advertising based on suggestions given. One picture is of a focus group conducted at one of the stores. Lime Ricki did see an increase in sales after the launch of their 2018 product line.


Branding and products before our research

As shown in the messaging below, the mix of patterns and cuts did not reflect the style of the entire market. Consumers expressed that the cuts of the swimsuits fit an older demographic (40+), but the patterns were geared towards teenagers (12-15). This disconnect deterred consumers from purchasing swimwear and developing a relationship with the brand because they did not feel Lime Ricki understood them as individuals.


Branding and products after our research

Through various forms of research, we gained insight into the desires for style across all consumers. We tested different patterns and cuts with consumers to understand what they were looking for in swimwear. These insights resulted in a product line that appealed to the entire consumer market (18-45). The messaging below also reflects a more authentic feel which is something consumers were looking for.