When I was nine I buried a roadkill squirrel because I felt sorry for him.

I frequently drive different ways home. I was told it combats dementia.

I’ve driven a combine.

I eat cereal at midnight at least four times a week.

My greatest fear is owning a cat.

I often am told I come off intense because I ask too many questions. I apologize in advance.

I hoard random information.

I think that’s just it... I’m crazy curious.


Strategist / Account Planner

BYU AdLab (Mar ‘17 – Present)

  • Designed and conducted interviews and surveys which led to solving consumer problems for international organization, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and local nonprofit, Provo Bicycle Collective. 

  • Strategist and copy editor on 2018 NSAC Ocean Spray team, which placed fifth place nationally.  

  • Performed competitive audits, developed creative briefs, presentations, and designed and conducted qualitative and quantitative research for strategic work for a variety of clients. 

  • Leadership Roles in AdLab: President of AAF chapter and Lead Strategist for Mad Gals - new initiative aspiring women in creative industries.

Brand Marketing & Management Intern

John Deere (May – Aug ‘18)

  • Led strategic planning and execution of VIP party for 60 attendees at the Birdies for Charity concert of the John Deere Classic to create an authentic consumer experience with the brand.

  • Increased Living John Deere brand training completions through creation and execution of global competition for employees.

Social Media & Communications Specialist

J. Reuben Clark Law School (Sept ‘18 – Present)

  • Increased engagement through development and implementation strategy through target market analysis and competitive audit for Facebook account. 

  • Write strategic material for JD to Be blog marketed to prospective students. 

Consumer Research Consultant

Lime Ricki Swimwear (Aug – Oct ‘17)

  • Discovered strategic solutions through conducting focus groups, interviews, and surveys on company’s products and brand.

  • Created framework for future innovation on the brands products.